Packing in a great amount of KEF knowhow into its compact cabinet, the KEF Q200c is a centre speaker that punches above its weight.

Uni-Q technology for a natural soundstage
The KEF Q200c uses the Uni-Q drive unit, unique to KEF, to great effect. This positions the treble unit in the throat of the woofer, for a single sound source across the frequency spectrum. The result is a broader, more cohesive sound that once experienced makes it hard to go back to conventional speakers. With the Q200c, KEF has improved the treble dispersion with a ‘tangerine’ wave guide system. This helps the treble integrate more smoothly with the mid-range, promoting natural sounding dialogue

Aluminium woofer cone
Made from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, the woofer unit is fast to respond and linear in its response. This helps give life-like dynamics and low levels of distortion. Using technologies developed in its high-end speakers, the Q200c offers attention to detail not usually seen in speakers at this level. The Z-Flex woofer surround, for example, offers superior cone control, helping it blend seamlessly with the treble unit for a more even and consistent sound.

Separate bass and ABR unit
Using a separate dedicated bass unit takes the strain off the mid-range cone, ensuring it’s free to concentrate on mid-range frequencies. This is helpful at higher volumes and also ensures the tonality of the speaker doesn’t unduly differ from your full-range front speakers. Helping this still further is an ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) that uses internal energy to further boost and sustain lower notes.

Minimalist crossover and easy bi-wiring
Like many of its rivals, the KEF Q200c speaker is bi-wirable. Where it differs, however, is in its easy linking system. Rather than using awkward linking bars, the Q200c proffers simple twist controls that activate internal linking rods – a genius solution! Using high quality drive units means the KEF Q200c needs only needs minimal crossover components, which further reduce resistance and so improve the transparency of sound.

For a centre speaker with a broad range of talents, the KEF Q200c’s performance speaks volumes.


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Magnetically Shielded Are they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a CRT TV/Monitor or sensitive magnetically stored data without the risk of damage. Yes
Sensitivity (dB) The higher this figure is the easier the speaker is to drive and, hence, requires a less powerful amplifier 85
Impedance (ohms) Resistance. A standard figure is 8ohms 8
Bi-wireable Is it bi-wirable? Separate earthing cables for tweeter and woofer units – gives a more precise sound when used with bi-wire cable Yes
Power Rating (Watts) Maximum power output long term/short term (RMS) 130
Dimensions Dimensions of speaker cabinet (W x D x H) in mm 525 x 260 x 180
Weight Weight of speaker, unboxed, in KG 11
Black Does the speaker come in a black finish? Yes
Wood Does the speaker come in a wood or wood style finish? No
Other Colour Does the speaker come in another coloured finish? No
Freq Response (Hz) The lower the first figure the deeper the bass should be 50 – 40,000
Speaker Enclosure Type Type of speaker enclosure. Infinite baffle cabinets are sealed and so are often less fussy about placement. Usually they do require a little more power to drive, though. Bass reflex speakers are usually more efficient than infinite baffle designs but may require more care in terms of placement. Rear port designs, in particular, usually need at least 15-30cm (6 – 12 inches) between them and the wall behind, for a balanced bass response. ABR = Auxcillary Bass Radiator (looks like a standard bass cone but without power) Bass reflex – ABR
Dimensões: (A x L x P): 180mm x 525mm x 260mm

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